Weekend TV Watch List: Saturday, Oct. 12 — Sunday, Oct. 13 - Metro US

Weekend TV Watch List: Saturday, Oct. 12 — Sunday, Oct. 13


Metro’s weekend TV breakdown.

‘The Walking Dead’
HORROR. Zombies, man, they can’t catch a break.Vampires have all the sex appeal and werewolves, well, they’re super hirsute, if you’re into that kind of thing. All the undead have going for them is brains, and that’s only when they’re eating them. However, they do make for compelling TV, as proved by the unflagging popularity of this comic book adaptation. The fourth season begins with the scrappy pack of surviving humans safely barricaded in a prison… or are they?
Season Premiere, Sunday, 10 p.m., AMC

‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child’
MOVIE. One of the lesser known Freddie films, in this incarnation a teen’s unborn baby is possessed by old razor hands. Now, that’s an episode of “Teen Mom” we’d tune in to.
Saturday, 5 p.m., SYFY

‘Vanilla Ice Goes Amish’
REALITY. Uh, what? The white one-hit wonder rapper has moved on to his second foray into reality TV — this time, he’s moving to an Amish farm and joining a construction crew. Uh, what?
Sunday, 11 p.m., DIY

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