What happened to Phil after Derren Brown’s ‘Sacrifice’? Here’s what Derren Brown told us – Metro US

What happened to Phil after Derren Brown’s ‘Sacrifice’? Here’s what Derren Brown told us

Derren Brown talks Phil and Sacrifice

It has to feel weird being hypnotized and working with Derren Brown. 

Not just during the process, when you’re under his control, but especially afterwards, too. When you have to try and analyze what was real and what was manipulated, how you really feel after going through the ordeal, and that’s before we even get to the fact that it has all been filmed for a special that will be watched by millions.

That’s exactly what happened to Phil on Derren Brown’s latest Netflix special, because he goes from being anti-immigration and openly xenophobic at the start of “Sacrifice” to ultimately taking a bullet for someone he believes is an immigrant at the end of it.

Although, unbeknownst to Phil at the time, the entire shooting was staged.

I recently had the chance to speak to Derren Brown about “Sacrifice,” and I was keen to learn more about Phil’s reaction to the show and what has happened to him since.

“Phil loved it. He loved it. It is a strange one, because when we were putting the show together we were having this conversation constantly. ‘What would Phil think? Will he be happy with that?’”

“We naturally wanted to make sure … we feel very protective. Because we were going to be showing him how he was and the views that he had at the start. We knew he wasn’t going to come across well at the start.”

“But we flew him over, showed it him and he loved it. The whole thing has been so transformative for him. It has changed a lot for him. Which is great. He is really excited about it being released.”

Brown clearly enjoyed working with Phil, calling him “a really great contributor.”

“Because we all end up going through such an emotional journey with the participants, Phil has ended up remaining a friend.”

“I got him over to see the show and meet some of the other guys that have been on similar shows of mine. So he has a little network of people.”

“We are doing everything we can to support Phil when it is released on Netflix. Just in case there is any immediate weird, I don’t know, reaction or abreaction to him.”

“It is an odd thing, when you are on any kind of TV show. Because you can have a lot of anticipation and then it can feel odd or disappointing when it comes out because not everyone watches it.”

“So that kind of after care is an important part of it.”

“Sacrifice” is now on Netflix.