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What to watch on TV this week: February 11-15

What to watch on TV this week
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The peak Winter TV season is now in full swing. Most shows with midseason breaks over the holidays have since returned to their regular programming. Meanwhile, plenty of new series and specials are about to drop. So from the new TBS comedy Miracle Workers to Amazon’s Jordan Peele-produced Lorena documentary series, here’s what to watch on TV this week.

What to watch on TV this week

Boomerang, Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on BET

Based on the 1992 romantic comedy starring Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens and Halle Berry, BET’s new series Boomerang picks up where the movie left off. Executive produced Lena Waithe, the show imagines that Murphy and Berry’s characters got married and had a daughter, while Givens’ character had a son. Simone (Tetona Jackson) and Bryson (Tequan Richmond) are now adults who are trying to make a name for themselves while coming to terms with their lifelong friendship.

Miracle Workers, Feb 12. at 10:30 p.m. ET on TBS

Created by former Saturday Night Live writer and Man Seeking Woman creator Simon Rich, Miracle Workers imagines the everyday trials and tribulations of Heaven, Inc. When God (Steve Buscemi) decides to blow up the Earth and open a restaurant, angels Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) and Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) in the Department of Answered Prayers must figure out a way to save all of creation.

What to watch on TV this week

What to watch on TV this week

Weird City, Feb. 13 on YouTube Premium

In what may sound like another ripoff of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror horror anthology series, Jordan Peele and Charlies Sanders’ new show Weird City proves itself to be something different. At least in terms of the comedy, because all the science-fiction and fantasy-esque hallmarks of the popular Netflix program are all there. Every episode takes place in Weird and explores issues that pertain to present-day life via stories that could only be told with a blend of sci-fi and comedy.

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho, Feb. 14 on Netflix

Nowadays actor Ken Jeong can be seen in shows like The Masked Singer and films like Crazy Rich Asians, but he’s about to return to his stand-up comedy roots on Netflix. In the new special You Complete Me, Ho, Jeong reflects on his time as a medical doctor and how he left that career behind for one in entertainment. Directed by his Crazy Rich Asians boss John M. Chu, Jeong’s new special covers all kinds of topics with the comic’s trademark ridiculousness and exaggerated persona.

What to watch on TV this week

The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook, Feb. 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Ovation

Actor Sam Neill is best known for his role as Dr. Alan Grant in the cinematic classic Jurassic Park. In the new Ovation documentary series The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook, however, the New Zealand-born entertainer trades in his acting chops for his bravado as a show host. The six-part documentary series visits the many islands and place that Cook visited during his travels throughout the world’s largest ocean.

Doom Patrol, Feb. 15 on DC Universe

On the heels of Titans, the DC Universe streaming service’s first original live-action series, Doom Patrol spins off with the adventures of the titular gang of anti-heroes and castaways. Starring April Bowlby, Diane Guerrero, Joivan Wade, Brendan Fraser, Alan Tudyk, Timothy Dalton and Matt Bomer, the series follows the Doom Patrol members as they embark on a brand new mission to save the world.

What to watch on TV this week

What to watch on TV this week

Lorena, Feb. 15 on Amazon Prime

In the new documentary series Lorena, which is also produced by Jordan Peele, filmmaker Joshua Rofé argues that the Bobbitt story actually “laid the groundwork for the modern 24-hour news cycle and increasing sensationalistic media coverage” TV viewers are now accustomed to. The series also claims “the Bobbitt story was a missed opportunity for a national discussion on domestic and sexual assault in America.” The series includes interviews with Lorena, John Wayne and many others.

The Umbrella Academy, Feb. 15 on Netflix

Based on the award-winning graphic novel series written by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy follows the surviving adopted children of Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). Most of them are super-powered, except for Vanya (Ellen Page), and they loosely fit the definition of a “family” — even in the event of their adoptive father’s death. When an apocalyptic event threatens the future of humanity, however, they must band together to stop it.