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What wine is your borough drinking?

What wine is your borough drinking?
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New Yorkers love to believe we’re all unique. But when it comes to wine preference, it does seem there are genuine differences between the five boroughs.

From rosés to Chardonnay, wine app Vivino’s 10 million users are constantly scanning, rating and reviewing their favorite wines. The company recently pulled the numbers of their 50,000 New York City users and broke down each borough by their wine preference.

Take a look at which wines get the party started in each borough.

Manhattan: The biggest distinction among Manhattanites comes as little surprise: They’re spendingthe most on their favorite wines, with an average price of $29.99 per bottle.

Brooklyn:Brooklyn drinks more French wine than any other borough. They’re also more adventurous than other boroughs, drinking wines that have the fewest number of ratings on average.

Queens:Like their borough, wine lovers from Queens have international tastes: 31 percent of their wine comes from Europe, 39 percent from the United States, 15 percent from Australia and New Zealand, and 13 percent from South America (highest among the boroughs).

The Bronx:Residents of the Bronx are patriotic, drinkingmore American wines than any other borough.

Staten Island:Staten Islanders drink the most Italian wine in the city. They’re also the most economical, spending an average of just $18.99 on a bottle of wine.