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What you need to know to enjoy Starbucks Happy Hour today

starbucks happy hour today
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Remember how we told you about Starbucks Happy Hour, how it offers great deals on drinks you’re already dropping major dough on — but that there’s no overtly publicized way to find out when it’s happening or what the weekly deal is? We have good news: It’s Starbucks Happy Hour today, and we have all the details you need to join in.

We’ll set the record straight first: No, you don’t have to be a Starbucks rewards member in order to enjoy Starbucks Happy Hour today, although it certainly makes it easier to redeem the deal. More on that to come later in this article.

What’s the drink deal for Starbucks Happy Hour today?

Today, Thursday, May 17 starting at 3:00 p.m., you can hit up participating Starbucks locations to get a Frappuccino for just $3. The deal will be available from 3 p.m. until close, so you can use that drink discount as your afternoon pick-me-up or after work celebration that it’s almost Friday (and, therefore, almost the weekend).

There are only a couple of limitations on the Starbucks Happy Hour today, so take note: the Frappuccino has to be a grande, so don’t go overboard here, and the deal doesn’t kick in until 3 p.m., so you can’t cash in on your lunch break. You’ll also need to access the offer code, and you have two ways to do that which we’ll explain below.

starbucks happy hour today frappuccino

How do I get in on the Starbucks Happy Hour today?

The easiest way — though, as we mentioned above, not the only way — is to become a Starbucks rewards member, which you can do quickly and for free through the Starbucks app. The offer code for the Starbucks Happy Hour today appears automatically in your account. Simply tell the cashier that you want to use your code when you order your grande Frappuccino, or hit “Apply” in the “Confirm Order” page if you’re ordering ahead through the app.

The other way is to simply sign up for Starbucks Happy Hour online. Fill out this form, which takes just a matter of minutes, and you’ll get email alerts about upcoming Starbucks Happy Hour deals and the code for the Starbucks Happy Hour today.

starbucks happy hour new frappuccinos

Did we mention that there are new Starbucks Frappuccinos you can try out tonight? They’re two upgrades on classic Frappuccino flavors: The Triple Mocha Frappuccino is an updated version of their old school Mocha Frappuccino that launched back in 1995 (and it’s topped with their brand new cold brew whipped cream), and the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino is a richer, more complex version of their Caramel Frappuccino. It features the same coffee-spiked whipped cream and a darker caramel sauce that’s nuttier than the original.


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