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Now you can get Starbucks delivered right to your door (or desk)

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Feeling a desperate need of caffeine but you don’t have any coffee at home and there’s no store nearby? Starbucks delivery service will soon be your savior.

Beginning in 2019, the company will expand their delivery service in a partnership with Uber Eats to more than 2,000 new locations across the United States, according to Nations Restaurant News.

The delivery service was tested in 100 Starbucks stores in Miami with great results. The Seattle-based company also offers delivery in over 2,000 stores in China, according to CNBC.

In recent months, Starbucks has decided to put more focus on technology-driven initiatives in order to get a stronger digital relationship with their customers, according to NRN.

As a result of Starbucks mobile push, drive-thru and delivery platforms, the orders that were taken by an in-store barista dropped down from 61 percent in 2018 to 51 percent, according to Starbucks annual report.

The orders being made over the phone has nearly tripled over the past two years.

When will we get Starbucks Delivery?

Starbucks delivery

According to company executives at the 2018 investor conference in New York City, customers will be able to get Starbucks delivery in late March or early April 2019. So until then, you’ll have to pick-up your order at a Starbucks store

How will the delivery work?

Starbucks delivery

In the new Starbucks delivery program, mobile ordering and pick-up will still be available at Starbucks locations, but you will also be able to get your order straight delivered to your home or workplace.

If you’re located near one of the selected stores, you will be able to place your Starbucks order through either the Starbucks or Uber Eats app.

In the app, the option to order Starbucks will only show up if it’s close enough to deliver the coffee while it’s still hot.

For example, ordering a tall caramel frappuccino, which was the most popular order in Miami, costs $5.25 with a $2.49 booking fee and tax for a total of $8.11 before tip, according to Miami.com.

What will Starbucks deliver?

Starbucks delivery

Once the service is available, you will be able to order all of Starbucks food, treats and most of the drinks.

Drinks that don’t travel well will not be available, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson told CNBC. As an example of a drink that may not be suitable for delivery, he brought up cappuccinos with heavy foam.

“We were very thoughtful about this,” Johnson said.

The company announced last week, that beside the Starbucks delivery service, they will also expand their menu with new beverages. Since the company has identified cold drinks as a growth area, a cold Cloud Macchiato will be released next year.

Following last week’s announcement, Starbucks hasn’t revealed which cities or stores that will offer deliveries. 

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