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What your state has been Googling since Election Day

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Sorry, New Yorkers, Barack Obama can’t run for president again.

The folks over at real estate site Estatelycrunched the numbers from Google Trends to find out what each state has been searching since Election Day — and the results are, well, pretty hilarious.

Some states are worried: Washingtonians are searching “West Coast secession”; New Hampshire is asking “How to stop Trump”; and Louisiana kept its searches succinct: “Trump anxiety.”

Other states were curious: South Carolinians wanted to know about “pussyhats,” Oklahoma wanted to know more about NATO and Connecticut asked what refugees are. In Minnesota, they’re asking what Hillary Clinton is up to.

There were also lots of questions about President Donald Trump and his advisers and appointees. From “gay dance party Mike Pence” to “Kellyanne Conway punch” to “Donald Trump pee-pee party,” it’s clear the Trump administration is creating plenty of its own viral news.

Check out the full list to see what your state is searching:

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<p>ALABAMA: Jeff Sessions; Will Jeff Sessions be the next Attorney General?; Who is Frederick Douglass?</p>
<p>ALASKA: Trump executive order immigration; Vladimir Putin; Wikileaks; Rosneft (Russian state-owned oil company); Meryl Streep Golden Globes speech; kakistocracy; Russia sanctions; Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada</p>
<p>ARIZONA: Starbucks boycott; What is the A.C.A.?; Autocracy: Rules for Survival; How to emigrate to Canada</p>
<p>ARKANSAS: How to build a wall?; Plagiarism; live stream inauguration</p>
<p>CALIFORNIA: Definition of lie; Will the world end in 2017?; Twitter feud; Are we going to die?; Donald Trump Russian prostitutes; D.A.C.A. news; Trump D.A.C.A. news; Is it a Muslim ban?; Trump ISIS plan; How much would it cost to build a wall?; What did Trump do now?; How does a filibuster work?</p>
<p>COLORADO: Did Obama ban Iraqi refugees in 2011; Oleg Erovinkin; federal funding to sanctuary cities; Trump 100 day action plan; alcohol delivery; Comey effect; Neil Gorsuch</p>
<p>CONNECTICUT: Rex Tillerson Secretary of State; What are refugees?; Laura Ingraham</p>
<p>DELAWARE: Melania Trump inaugural gown; The Trump Organization; Buzzfeed Trump dossier; autocracy; Jim Acosta; grief counseling</p>
<p>FLORIDA:AFC-NFC Pro Bowl; Trump lowest approval rating; Hannity Assange video; Jared Kushner and Chris Christie; muerte de Fidel Castro; Obama Fidel Castro statement; How will Mexico pay for the wall?</p>
<p>GEORGIA: Rep. John Lewis; Putin prostitute remark; Andy Puzder minimum wage; Is Donald Trump going to be impeached?; Newt Gingrich Madonna; What the hell is going on?</p>
<p>HAWAII: What is Obamacare?; one-China policy</p>
<p>IDAHO: Trans-Pacific Partnership; General Mattis quotes</p>
<p>ILLINOIS: Jeb Bush guac bowl; Who will pay for the wall?; Putin election hack; Martin Shkreli dog poop; refuse fascism; Steven Mnuchin wife</p>
<p>INDIANA: Hamilton cast Mike Pence; Mike Pence booed; Is Donald Trump the antichrist; Trump Putin phone call; Trump protest sign ideas; Cheetos bronzer; Who really won the popular vote?</p>
<p>IOWA: Russian prostitutes; Where is Yemen?</p>
<p>KANSAS: Kellyanne Conway punch</p>
<p>KENTUCKY: Sean Spicer lies; Celebrities who said they would move to Canada</p>
<p>LOUISIANA: inauguration coverage; Trump anxiety</p>
<p>MAINE: Kellyanne Conway alternative facts; Sean spicer conference; Did Obama ban refugees?; Trump inauguration protests; Emoluments Clause</p>
<p>MARYLAND: Conway alternative facts; inauguration protest; Sean Spicer press conference video; Sean Spicer suit; Trump cabinet appointments; dossier on Trump; Ben Carson public housing; Is Trump a fascist?</p>
<p>MASSACHUSETTS: dabbing Paul Ryan; Paul Ryan survey; Monica Crowley plagiarism; protest sign ideas; Clinton blames Comey</p>
<p>MICHIGAN: Betsy DeVos; Betsy Davos confirmation hearing; Did Trump ban Muslims?; What does the term snowflake mean?; Wikileaks pizzagate; Trump is a liar; How the f— did Trump win?; Greg Phillips voter fraud</p>
<p>MINNESOTA: Al Franken Rick Perry; Why liberals oppose Ben Carson?; Where is Hillary Clinton now?</p>
<p>MISSISSIPPI: 3 Doors Down</p>
<p>MISSOURI: Trump and golden shower; Sean Spicer gum; Rick Perry energy department; radical islamic terrorism; Trump executive orders today</p>
<p>MONTANA: Richard Spencer; Putin Trump; National Park Service; misogyny definition; Keystone Pipeline</p>
<p>NEBRASKA: Trump’s wall; SNL writer Barron Trump</p>
<p>NEVADA: Rick Perry veto controversy; A.C.L.U. letter to Trump; impeach Trump petition; Aziz Ansari SNL monologue</p>
<p>NEW HAMPSHIRE: Breitbart News; How to stop Trump?; Pizzagate; alt National Park Service; plutocracy; petition electoral college</p>
<p>NEW JERSEY: Twitter beef; Tucker Carlson Teen Vogue; Mike Pence booed at Hamilton; Brave New World</p>
<p>NEW MEXICO: Mitch McConnell wife; Border Patrol jobs</p>
<p>NEW YORK: Trump Tower; mucho sad; Can Obama run again?; Can Obama run for President again in 2020?; Trump appointments to cabinet; Is Jeff Sessions racist?; Muslim country ban; Kellogg’s boycott; Marco Rubio spine; Steve Bannon domestic violence; Lauren Duca Tucker Carlson; Kellyanne Conway comedy</p>
<p>NORTH CAROLINA: Toby Keith inauguration performance; Richard Spencer punched gif; Las Vegas odds Trump impeachment</p>
<p>NORTH DAKOTA: protest; Trump executive order first day; Lauren Duca; xenophobia definition; Dakota Access Pipeline</p>
<p>OHIO: What happens if Obamacare is repealed?; Where is Somalia?; Donald Trump is gaslighting America</p>
<p>OKLAHOMA: Scott Pruitt climate change; What is NATO?</p>
<p>OREGON: Trump approval rating today; punching nazis; alt National Park Service Twitter</p>
<p>PENNSYLVANIA: Nazi getting punched; Donald Trump pee pee party; Obamacare replacement plan; Steve Bannon Leninist; How old is Giuliani?; What is the one China policy?; James Clapper resigns</p>
<p>RHODE ISLAND: Golden Shower; Sean Spice; What is pizzagate?; Michael Flynn; Trump impeachment odds; kleptocracy</p>
<p>SOUTH CAROLINA: What is a pussy hat?; Trump to order Mexican wall</p>
<p>SOUTH DAKOTA:Did Obama ban refugees in 2011?; Where is Syria?; bathroom bill; Kellyanne Conway outfit; Animal Farm</p>
<p>TENNESSEE: Who punched Richard Spencer?; Donald Trump pee pee; How tall is James Comey?; Pray for Trump; What is critical thinking?</p>
<p>TEXAS: Can Texas secede?; Who will Trump nominate for Supreme Court</p>
<p>UTAH: International Rescue Committee; Meryl Streep Golden Globes speech video</p>
<p>VERMONT: Donald Trump; Trump protests; 1984; Steve Bannon; Intersectionality; Richard Spencer punched; Richard Spencer punched again; Executive order; Planned Parenthood; Southern Poverty Law Center; fake news</p>
<p>VIRGINIA: March for Life; Sean Spicer press conference; executive order refugees; Tillerson Putin; Obamacare replacement; Christopher Steele MI6; Who is my Senator?; Who is my Congressman?; no Trump no kkk no fascist USA; Steve Bannon Nazi; gay dance party Mike Pence; Nikki Haley taking names</p>
<p>WASHINGTON: pussy hat knitting pattern; pussy hat crochet pattern; Trump Muslim country ban; How to donate to Planned Parenthood?; Indiana Jones punching Nazi; Donald Trump Nazi; Uber boycott; Will Donald Trump be impeached?; alt facts; Kellyanne Conway outfit meme</p>
<p>WEST VIRGINIA: recess appointment; Sally Yates</p>
<p>WISCONSIN: Who is Sean Spicer?; Russian dossier on Trump; recount; What is populism?</p>
<p>WYOMING: Trump inauguration speech; Trump cabinet; Fox News live; internment of Japanese Americans; fascism; xenophobia; filibuster; Who won the popular vote?; populism; drain the swamp; Electoral College</p>
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