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When is the new season of Wahlburgers? Here’s what Donnie Wahlberg says

When is the new season of Wahlburgers Donnie Wahlberg

After four years and 75 episodes, fans still can’t get enough of the Wahlberg family, which is why everyone wants to know when the new season of Wahlburgers will air.

Luckily, Donnie Wahlberg has given us some insight into when we can expect the upcoming ninth season of the Emmy-nominated, A&E reality series to finally debut. The New Kids on the Block star revealed some info about the show’s return during an event in Dorchester on Thursday, where cameras were rolling to capture the opening of a new food truck in their old neighborhood.

While there isn’t an official date set yet for the new season, Donnie told Metro that it’ll likely hit the small screen in just a few months.

“I think it’s coming out in the summer around July,” Donnie said.

When is the new season of Wahlburgers?

Donnie Wahlberg When is the New Season of Wahlburgers Mark Wahlberg

If you haven’t seen the show before, the series follows the lives of Mark Wahlberg, Donnie and the rest of the family as they work on their Wahlburgers restaurant chain, which is primarily run by Wahlberg brother chef Paul. Occasionally other big stars make cameos on the series, including Boston sports stars like Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz, as well as Donnie’s wife Jenny McCarthy.

As for what fans can expect from Donnie, Mark and the rest of the gang this season, the NKOTB member revealed that it will be filled with “just more fun and craziness.”

Alma, the family’s matriach, can attest to that. Mama Wahlberg told Metro that she’ll be up to some hijinks too this year, including a moment where she got into a food fight at a “little cupcake bakery.”

“I had every single person in that place covered in chocolate,” Alma said. “We had a chocolate fight. It was unbelievable.”

“I wasn’t there, thank goodness,” Donnie added.