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When the WiFi goes down: most relatable tweets you’ll read all day

When the WiFi goes down tweets trend on Twitter

Picture this: The WiFi goes down in your workplace, home or local coffee shop. What do you do? Cry? Angrily start shredding your mail? Twiddle your thumbs in place of tweeting? Read a book?

Along with posts honoring President’s Day 2018 and offering bits of #MondayMotivation, by the early morning on Feb. 19, tweets about what to do when the WiFi goes down picked up traction in the U.S. for whatever reason (the Internet works in mysterious ways). But we’re glad the hashtag #WhenTheWifiGoesDown started trending because the comments are spot-on with how relatable — and undeniably bizarre — they seem. 

We joke about how attached we are to the Web and our devices, but we only really experience the depth of that attachment when we’re unplugged (whether it’s our choice to be disconnected or not). And even if you are enjoying a holiday weekend for President’s Day right now, these tweets will give you a much-needed laugh or, perhaps, make you reconsider Instagramming your next meal.

Here are the best ones we could find:

When the WiFi goes down…

“I write my tweets on Post-It Notes and stick ‘em on stuff at Target.”

“I lose all sense of time.”

“I have to call everyone and have them describe what they ate and to get them to tell me inspiring words.” (True.)

“I send my tweets with a carrier pigeon.”

“It’s like the Stone Age, again!”

“I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.”

“We have to go old school.” (A reason to save your DVDs.)

“I realise [sic] that half the people in Starbucks don’t actually drink coffee.” (Their WiFi is pretty great.) 

“It’s like today’s version of losing power.”

“I suddenly find myself surrounded by these kids I don’t know. They’re cute as hell, but I can’t figure out why they keep calling me dad.”

“I yell my thoughts from our balcony.”

“I’m just like #KimmyGibbler.” *Plays real-life Candy Crush*

“I look up while walking.”

Man, that’s deep. Sad, but deep.

Now, kind reader, go delve into a book — it’ll be good for you.

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