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When will we see Fargo season 3 on Hulu?

fargo season 3 on hulu
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You loved the movie, you can’t get enough of the show, and you’re getting really tired of waiting to see the latest episodes. So when do you get to catch up with the last season of the black comedy that wrapped all the way back in summer 2017? We finally have a date for when we’re going to see Fargo season 3 on Hulu.

You won’t be waiting much longer to catch up with this compelling FX series, but we’ll get to that. What can you expect from the episodes that are about to drop on the streaming service? Critics online seemed to love the season, thanks largely to a stellar cast.

What they were not so into, however, was the cliffhanger at the end. We won’t put any spoilers in this article, but brace yourselves for a big one as you near the end of the season. This vague and, for most viewers, unsatisfying undering was due to “our living in a complicated moment in time,” show creator Noah Hawley told Deadline. Whether you like your TV to reflect the current social climate, or would rather it serve as an escape, is up for you to decide. But you’ll be able to make up your mind soon when Fargo season 3 on Hulu drops.

fargo season 3 on hulu

Get excited with the Fargo season 3 trailer

You won’t be waiting much longer, but if you want to get even more excited about seeing Fargo season 3 on Hulu, check out the trailer below.



When will we see Fargo season 3 on Hulu?

It’s just a matter of counting down the hours at this point. You’ll be able to hit play on Fargo season 3 on Hulu tomorrow, August 10. But if they keep with their typical release schedule, you’ll see the season on the streaming service at midnight. That means you could finish the season before the weekend is half over if you’re willing to go to work a little drowsy tomorrow.

And, yes, for those of you lucky enough to be on the West Coast, that means you’ll see Fargo season 3 on Hulu at 9pm PST tonight. You can get a couple episodes in and still hit your pillow at a reasonable hour. Just don’t spoil any twists for your East Coast friends, ok?


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