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While you were sleeping…

A protester throws a gas canister back at police during clashes at North and Penns
REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Good morning.

After you went to bed on time last night, Baltimore protesters stayed out after their curfew, and a man was shot at a Ferguson demonstration.

Saudi Arabia granted soldiers bonuses while Indonesia put drug smugglers in front of a firing squad.

Times New Roman was revealed as the “sweatpants” of resume fonts.

Baltimore rioters defied curfew

Police dressed in riot gear fired pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse protesters who stayed out after the city’s 10 p.m. curfew. Today, theBaltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox will play in an empty stadium as the city tries to get a handle on recent events.

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A shooting marked a Ferguson protest

As tensions mounted last night in Baltimore, someone was shot as protesters gathered in Ferguson, Missouri, near the cop-death scene of another unarmed black youth, Michael Brown.

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Saudi’s king offered bonuses to soldiers

After shaking things up in Saudi Arabia with a cabinet reshuffle and the naming of a new heir, King Salman boosted the feel-good factor by offering one-month’s bonus pay to the country’s 20,000 or so military and security personnel.

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Indonesia shot foreign convicts

The country has an absolute no-mess policy when it comes to drugs and despite reprieve pleas, eight drug smugglers were shot by firing squad in the early hours of this morning. Two of them were Australian, and Australia’s prime minister has recalled its ambassador from the Indonesian capital.

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The best resume font was revealed

Playing safe by sending your job application in Times New Roman? Looks like you’re not making an effort, say typography experts, who say it’s the font equivalent of sweatpants. Emojis have their place, but there’s a clear winner when it comes to a resume font.

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