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While you were sleeping…

Good morning!

Before you turned on your iPhone this morning, Apple fans anticipated a watch. Demonstrators protested after the cop shooting of another unarmed black man.

A round-the-world solar flight took off as we found out that air travel is safer than ever.

We waited to hear about the Apple watch

Apple fans held their breath for news from Tim Cook about the company’s first new gadget in five years. Some are anticipating a hit, others are more skeptical about the wearable tech, which is being marketed as a fancy fashion accessory with a price range that soars up to $10,000. Will Vogue-readersreally wear it?

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Demonstrators protested over black teen death by white cop

Yet another unarmed black man was shot by a white cop on Friday. Tony Robinson, 19, was chased by a police officer who shot him after a chase in Madison, Wisconsin, and since then demonstrators have gathered to march every day since.

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Solar powered flying took off

The first solar-powered plane to attempt a round-the-world flight set off from Abu Dhabi this morning. The aircraft carrying two pilots weighs as little as a family car but has wings as wide as the largest commercial passenger plane. The record will take a while to achieve – the journey is set to take at least five months.

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Flying became safer

The horrific Air Malaysia and Air Asia crashes last year might have put you off booking another flight, but we bring good news: flying has never been safer. According to a new report, despite so many people dying in those tragedies, last year there were fewer accidents per flight taken, making it the safest year on record.

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