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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning

Before you woke up, FIFA’s president expected re-election despite corruption. A New York millionaire got 18 years for killing her son while an ex-House speaker was indicted over hiding mysterious ‘misconduct’ cover up cash.

As Texas residents prepared for more water and a mega-clean up, while a California realtor prepared for a rush on viewings of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

FIFA held presidential elections

The international soccer federation’s president Sepp Blatter has refused to quit despite the outrageous bribes scandal that is unfolding. He stands for re-election today and is expected to defeat his only rival to stay in power for a fifth term.

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A socialite got 18 years for murder

New York millionaire Gigi Jordan was sentenced for fatally poisoning her autistic son. Her lawyers said he was at risk from sex abuse by his dad. The prosecution said she couldn’t cope with his condition. She’s going to jail for 18 years for manslaughter.

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An ex-speaker was indicted for hiding payouts

Former House of Representatives speaker Dennis Hastert has been accused of hiding up to $3.5m in payouts to an individual to cover-up ‘past misconducts’. Nobody yet knows who that person is, or what the bad behavior is. Mysterious.

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Texas prepared for flash floods

The state has suffered a record wettest ever month, and there’s more coming down the river. As residents brace themselves for more floods, they’re starting to clear up and still looking for missing people.

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Neverland went on sale

Pop icon Michael Jackson’s mythical Neverland Ranch is on the market, if you’ve got a spare $100m to spend. The train station and a llama are still there, apparently, but the fun fair was sold off, nobody’s working the fire station and the elephants moved out ages ago.

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