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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning.

As you prepared to celebrate Earth Day, Saudi Arabia traded a Yemen “storm” for a “hope” campaign, while Jeb Bush went back to basics on his inch-loss campaign.

A British trader was arrested for causing a $1 trillion crash while New Jersey rabbis were convicted for a torture scheme.

A potential terrorist shot himself in the foot by shooting himself in the leg.

US wanted a UK trader

A futures trader who had caused the $1 trillion 2010 “flash crash” that rocked the New York stock exchange was arrested in London. The U.S. wants to extradite him.

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France foiled a new terror plot

An IT student who was planning to attacks on Paris churches got busted after calling an ambulance after shooting himself in the leg. The hospital told police and a blood trail led to a flat full of weapons and terrorism plans, and linked him to a recent murder.

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Saudi Arabia offered Yemen Hope

After bombing the hell out of Yemen for four weeks, Saudi Arabia has now launched Operation Restoring Hope after critics said the conflict could better be resolved through talks, and also that there is a huge humanitarian crisis that needs to be addressed.

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Torture rabbis were convicted

Three New Jersey Orthodox rabbis were convicted for playing part in a ring that took thousands of dollars to kidnap Jewish men and torture them until they agreed to grant their wives divorces.

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Jeb Bush made like a caveman

A Republican heavyweight is much less heavy now, thanks to the Paleo diet. Jeb Bush has adopted the weight-loss fad that involves dining like a caveman on lean meats, nuts, raw vegetables and fruit.

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