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New York bumps up security for Jewish centers after NJ shooting

New York bumps up security for Jewish centers after NJ shooting
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New Yorkers can expect beefed up security around Jewish synagogues and establishments in the wake of Tuesday’s deadly shooting at a kosher market in Jersey City.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted that his “heart breaks for those killed in the attack” and said, “We now know that this disgusting act of violence was a deliberate attack on the Jewish community in Jersey City. Out of an abundance of caution, I am directing State Police to increase patrols and security around synagogues and Jewish establishments while New Jersey law enforcement further investigates this horrific act.”

Cuomo continued, “Anti-Semitism and violence against the Jewish community are on the rise both in our state and across the nation. We must stand united, be vigilant and stamp out this vile disease of hate wherever we see it. New York is a proud home to the Jewish community and we will continue to reject hateful acts whenever and wherever we see them.”

This is not the first time, Gov. Cuomo has bumped up security surrounded the Jewish community. During the Jewish high holy days, Gov. Cuomo also asked state police to increase their presence near synagogues and other religious-related centers. 

Gov. Cuomo isn’t the only official taking a stand against the tragedy. Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke on NBC’s Morning Joe this morning about the crime and stated that, “I have put the NYPD on high alert focusing on our Jewish community and protecting our Jewish community. I want to make clear, there is no specific and credible threat directed at New York City right now. But this is our neighbor. We did send officers to support – helicopters, etcetera, to support Jersey City, but now we see this kind of hate right on our doorstep, and these violent anti-Semitic attacks have been happening around the country, so I take it very, very seriously.”

He added, “I have ordered NYPD to reinforce key Jewish community locations today and make sure we have a lot of presence out there. I’ll be speaking more to it later. Other measures we’ll be taking. But this is too close to home and too serious. We cannot take it lightly.” 

To combat these hate crimes, De Blasio is working on bringing more programs to schools to help combat intolerance towards Judaism and other religions. 

News of this comes as President Trump planned to sign an executive order on Wednesday that interprets Judaism as a nationality. CNN reports that Trump believes it will help combat anti-Semitism on college campuses.