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Who is El Lazo in Westworld Season 2?

Who is El Lazo? In the first season of Westworld, El Lazo was a name given to Lawrence’s criminal gang leader persona in the timeline featuring William and Logan. He’s introduced in the fifth episode of the first season, “Contrapasso.” In present time, where William is known as the Man in Black, El Lazo is known as Lawrence, a dude who is always getting into trouble. When we see him in tonight’s episode, he’s literally about to be eaten by ants.  

But as seen later in tonight’s episode of Westworld, El Lazo is now played someone else completely — although at the core, he seems to be the same. Also the same? He’s still a messy bitch who lives for drama. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Does anything mean anything? And more importantly, who is El Lazo now?

Who is El Lazo?

The present day El Lazo is played by none other than Better Call Saul actor Giancarlo Esposito. In the second season, El Lazo still appears to be an outlaw with a group of trusted dudes by his side — one prone to giving long monologues. When the Man in Black and Lawrence go searching for an army to help them finish Ford’s game, they run into El Lazo who is drinking from a golden goblet, like a boss. Lawrence, confused, asks The Man in Black who the stylish, mysterious dude is — and he tells him, “In a past life you used to be him.” Then Lawrence stops asking questions because frankly, it doesn’t seem like he’s getting what’s happening at all.

After a bit of bickering, El Lazo finally tells The Man in Black, “This game is meant for you, William. But you must play it alone.” Then everyone kills themselves with a gun to the head — even El Lazo, who promises to see The Man in Black in the valley beyond.

So we might not see any more of the new El Lazo any time soon. 

who is el lazo giancarlo esposito irl

Of the surprise cameo, Esposito says he couldn’t say no to a role in Westworld. “I’ve been a longtime fan of Ed Harris so I very excited to finally work with him,” he told HBO.  When I first read the scene, I thought, Wow, what an interesting way to introduce a character who has been another character — someone who has a multi-tiered personality who can create dissention in this world of robots and humans. The unexpected nature of the scene was so exciting to me, that I couldn’t say no.”

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