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Who is the ‘Backpack Kid’ who stole the show during Katy Perry’s ‘SNL’ performance

Backpack Kid steals the show.

If you watched Katy Perry’s performance during the 42nd season finale of “Saturday Night Live,” you might agree that the Backpack Kid was the real star of the show.

The teenager made his way onto the stage during the last minute of the song, and he quickly became the best part of Katy Perry’s performance of her latest single, “Swish Swish.”

He entertained and puzzled just about everyone with his dance moves and his routine with a stone-cold blank stare into the camera. He quickly became an internet hero.

Who is the Backpack Kid?

The Backpack Kid’s real name is Russell Horning, and he is a 15-year-old teenager from Lawrenceville, Georgia.

He’s better known by his Instagram handle @i_got_barzz. Horning has always posted videos of himself dancing with his friends just for fun.

In December 2016, Rihanna somehow found one of his videos on Instagram and reposted it to her page, and that’s when he became internet famous.

During an interview with USA Today, he says he gained over 55,000 new Instagram followers in two days.

Katy Perry later found his Instagram page and invited him to perform with her. During Katy Perry’s “SNL” music performance, the Backpack Kid performed “The Russell” – his signature dance move he says he started back in 2014 at summer camp.

And there it is, The Russell

Horning posted a video of himself showing off his signature dance moves when he was at 30 Rock. As soon as Katy Perry stepped into the frame, Horning struggled to keep a straight face.

In the caption, he wrote, “When your mom tries to look cool.” Burn.


When your mom tries to look cool @katyperry

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As of today, Horning has 580,000 followers on Instagram, and he’s still dancing with his friends and enjoying his life as a teenager. Be prepared to see more appearances by him in the future. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see him on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”