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Who was the biggest fuccboi on TV in 2017?

The term “fuccboi” (also see “f—kboy” and “f—kboi”)  has been around for a long time. Its definition today — the one that’s easy to digest for the masses — is basically a good looking dude (or rarely, a woman) who plays games, is incapable of basic communication and also? Thinks he’s the hottest s—t on Dumbledore’s green earth.

All the more reason to celebrate them, we say. At least, the fictional ones. As far as television goes, 2017 was pretty meh — but it offered us fuccbois galore. Here are 10 of the most f—kery having fuccbois from this year in TV.

Adam, “Jane the Virgin”
This year, we praised the fuccbois of “Jane the Virgin,” and for good reason: Jane reconnected with her ex, Adam, early in the season. And Adam, bless is heart, was a beautiful, no-god fuccboi from the beginning. Maybe he didn’t know he was playing games with Jane’s heart — but by the time he breaks the news to that he’s moving to California, it’s like, boy bye.

Euron, “Game of Thrones”
With his makeover into a medieval era Captain Jack Sparrow and his cavalier attitude towards raping, pillaging and murdering, Euron Greyjoy is absolutely the biggest fuccboi in Westeros. Besides, it’s very clear that it’s not Cersei he’s taken with, so much as her position of power. Rude!

Lawrence, “Insecure”
We saw a whole lot of Lawrence this year. A whole lot. And while we’re not complaining, his attitude this season — and the way he treated the women he dated — was trash. Classic fuccboi tendencies. 

George, “Poldark”
George Warleggan has always been the worst. But this season, after pining after Elizabeth and marrying her, he was pretty awful to her and her son. He was also really mean to that old lady. Just like a fuccboi to get what they want and then act like a ripped up bag of rotting garbage.

Jesse, “Preacher”
All of the characters of “Preacher” get off on being bad. But Jesse Custer is by far the worst. Despite constantly saying he loves Tulip, he barely pays attention enough to know what’s ever going on with her. Baby girl had PTSD! But worst of all, Jesse can’t be bothered because of his one track mind. A fuccboi supreme.

Nick, “The Handmaid’s Tale”
Nick is mysterious, hard to read and very, very hot. Even by season’s end, we don’t know whose side he’s on — or much more about him, because let’s be honest, his flashback episode did nothing to clarify. Erring on the side of fuccboi with this one.

BoJack, “BoJack Horseman”
Fun fact: knowing you suck doesn’t make you any less a fuccboi. Case in point? BoJack. That horse has been self-aware about his self-destructive tendencies for a few seasons now, but it looks like that’s not enough incentive to change. Typical.

DeMario, “The Bachelorette”
Before the racially tinged drama of “Bachelor in Paradise,” DeMario had been hired for Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette” to play “Entitled Fuccboi #1.” And boy did he deliver: After spending much of his short time on the series talking a big game, he was exposed as a liar, cheater and possible manipulator. Of course he was!

Nola Darling, “She’s Gotta Have It”
Sorry, not sorry: But Nola Darling is trash. She says she’s a “sex-positive, polyamorous pansexual.” But at best, she’s selfish and out of tune with her partners needs and wants. At worst, she doesn’t care who she hurts, she’s a poor communicator and she’s rude AF. (Dewanda Wise playing Nola, though, is amazing.)

The Upside Down, “Stranger Things”
The Upside Down is always involving itself when nobody asked for its opinion. It’s always messing everything up for everybody — especially poor Will. But also? The Upside Down is definitely very good looking in its own, spooky way.

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