Why ‘A Star Is Born’s’ tragic ending is so powerful for Shangela and the LGBTQ community – Metro US

Why ‘A Star Is Born’s’ tragic ending is so powerful for Shangela and the LGBTQ community

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

WARNING: There are HUGE SPOILERS ahead for the ending of A Star Is Born. 

So if you’re yet to see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s sumptuous romantic drama please bookmark this article, watch the film, and then head back to read what Shangela had to say about it. 

The final act of “A Star Is Born” is a powerful rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

First of all, after being told by her dastardly manager Rez (Rafi Gavin) that he is holding back the career of his wife and protege Ally (Lady Gaga), Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine decides to hang himself. 

Distraught, depressed and inconsolable, Ally only returns to performing after a heartfelt exchange with Jackson’s older brother Bobby (Sam Elliott), and then introduces herself to a huge, expectant crowd as Ally Maine before performing “I’ll Never Love Again,” a song written but never performed by Jackson. 

The scenes in question are so fraught with emotion and honesty that it is impossible not to get wrapped up in them. 

That’s exactly how “A Star Is Born” actor Shangela, who plays the drag bar emcee at the start of the film, felt while watching it unfold, too, particularly because depression, addiction and suicide is so rife in the LGBTQ community. 

“I just say to everyone, honey, this film is a powerful love story. And anyone who has ever been in love knows that everything that goes around that, I mean, every emotion is explored,” Shangela explained. 

“You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, with this movie you’ll need to take a lot of tissues. Because you’ll never know where it will go to or how you’ll relate to this experience.”

“In seeing everything that Jackson goes through and seeing how it relates to so many people our world. Especially in the LGBTQ community.”

“They deal with issues of, without giving anything away, all of the different emotions that come with being famous. Whether it is depression or addiction.”

“Anything like that, knowing that we deal with so much in our world, and seeing how he related and dealt with the things that were weighing him down in his world. It really pulls at your heart strings.”

“That’s what a good movie should do. It should make you relate it to your life and evoke some kind of emotion out of you.”

“A Star Is Born” is now in cinemas.