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Why Anthony Riley left ‘The Voice’


After Anthony Riley abruptly left “The Voice” this week, rumors swirled about why he might have departed, from a dislike of a fellow supporter to religious reasons. But Riley’s lawyer, Evan Shingles who also represented him during his street performer legal issues, says none of that is true. Speaking to Philly.com, Shingles says “Anthony indicated to me that he has some medical issues that would make it impossible to continue on ‘The Voice.'”

Shingles says Riley didn’t specify what those issues are, and also flatly denied that Riley hadn’t wanted to perform with fellow “Voice” star Mia Z. As to that slightly odd tweet about supporting the controversialMumia Abu-Jamal, Shingles says that it came from a “disgruntled former manager” and doesn’t reflect Riley’s beliefs, which, per his lawyer, do not involve “radical politics.” He did say Riley has had “some medical issues” for a long time, and says “Anthony had a very difficult life and has been on his own for a while,” and added, “He’s a really sweet guy.”

Riley had been poised for success on the show, having achieved tremendous support from the four coaches for his first performance.

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