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Why Fun is Important! #TellYourBoss


Our most frequently sunburned Dude Perfect member, Garrett (the redhead), has inspired us to live by his motto: “If you ain’t having fun, you ain’t living.” It’s kind of a joke, but it’s kind of not at the same time.

Our Dude Perfect brand is legitimately based on the idea of fun. In the entertainment world, that’s not so surprising, but not everyone works in the entertainment world. No matter what your job looks like, today, I’d like to quickly make the argument that fun should move up your priority list.

I’m personally not a brown bag turkey sandwich for lunch every day kind of guy, but even if you are, I believe that too much structure and routine will eventually bore you into being a less effective employee, not to mention a lamer human. If we’re not careful, our workday, and even our lives, can drift into a routine that sucks the passion and excitement right out of us.

Fact: Every boss wants passionate employees. Why? It’s because as we say around here, “Passion positions excellence.” When you are passionate about something, you’re willing to put in the extra work that it takes to become great at what you do. But maintaining that passion is tough when you’re simply grinding out a routine.

I realize that you can’t always change your work-related tasks. You might not even be able to change your lunchtime. But what you can do is prioritize having fun whenever possible. Why? Fun is refreshing. And a refreshed employee is a more passionate employee.

I doubt I need to suggest ways for you to have fun in real life (also known as your not-at-work life), but in case you’re worse off than I thought, try this: Play basketball. Go to a movie with your friends. Go on a weekend road trip. Watch “The Office,” again.

Assuming you’re past this level, however, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite random “mix it up” fun things to do at lunch, even if you’re stuck until tomorrow with that turkey sandwich: MAKE AN ORANGE. Someone once told me that if you sprinkle Splenda on a lemon, close your eyes, and then bite into it and it will taste exactly like an orange. I thought that was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard, until I tried it.

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