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Why John Krasinski was ‘too scared’ to ask Emily Blunt to do ‘A Quiet Place’

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There are a lot of frightening moments in “A Quiet Place,” but the biggest scare for John Krasinski happened well before the cameras started rolling.

The actor and director stopped by “The View” this week to chat about working on the hit horror flick with Emily Blunt. The Boston-bred star admitted to hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines and Meghan McCain that he was shaking in his boots before asking his wife to sign on to the project.

“I was too scared to ask her to do the movie,” Krasinski said. “The way it played in my head, it went two ways. One, she says no and that’s a super awkward dinner.”

“The other way, which I was actually more scared of, is that she’d say, ‘Yes, I’ll do it for you,'” he added “She’s nice enough to do that and I just would’ve been heartbroken because I’ve just witnessed the intelligence, the class and the taste level that she has through everything she does, so I didn’t want her to do anything for me.”

Why John Krasinski was scared to ask Emily Blunt to star in ‘A Quiet Place’

John Krasinski Emily Blunt A Quiet Place 2018 movie

Thankfully neither scenario happened as Blunt was excited by the material and more than happy to join “A Quiet Place.” As for how the duo kept their working and personal relationships in check on the set, Krasinski revealed that they treated the project like their marriage.

“When she did sign on, I said, ‘Let’s just treat this experience like our marriage,'” Krasinski said. “‘Let’s just be honest with each other from the beginning. Is there anything in the script that you want to talk about?’ I told her all the shots I was going to do.”

“We did all the preparation beforehand, so when we got to set, it was truly the best collaboration of my life,” he added. “I could make a joke, but I will never have it as good as working with my wife.”

See more of John Krasinski’s interview on “The View” in the video below.