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New York cab driver threw a bagel at John Krasinski over his Red Sox jersey

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John Krasinski found out the hard way why it’s a bad idea to wear Red Sox gear while walking around the streets of New York.

During a chat on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote his new film “A Quiet Place,” the actor opened up to the late-night host about the trials and tribulations of being a Boston fan in the Big Apple. While Fallon crowned Krasinski as an official New Yorker since “The Office” alum and his family recently moved back to the city, the Newton native didn’t exactly have a great experience during his first stay in New York.

Fallon asked Krasinski if he ever had a “welcome to New York moment” over the years, and the actor revealed a particularly brutal story from his time as an intern at 30 Rockefeller. Krasinski admitted that he once made the mistake of wearing a Red Sox jersey while leaving work for lunch, which didn’t exactly sit well with the locals.

“I was wearing a Nomar Garciaparra jersey,” Krasinski told Fallon as he laid on a heavy Boston accent. “I was walking along about to get lunch and just something hit me in the back of the head. It was a full, cream cheese bagel.”

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The projectile breakfast snack came courtesy of a disgruntled cab driver who happened to be driving down the street next to the star.

“It was a taxi going like 20 miles an hour,” Krasinski said. 

Krasinski was a good sport about the situation, though, as he couldn’t get mad over the flying bagel since it took a skilled and accurate arm to hit him with it.

“He must’ve been drafted after that,” Krasinski joked. “It was really good.”

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