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Why you should give Heineken 0.0 a chance


Studies show that the rise of non-alcoholic booze and brews are a growing trend throughout the world. As a result of the wellness movement, people want to explore drinks that are beyond booze but still have the same flavor profile as booze. What do you do when you have booze lovers who love the flavors but not the calories and the heaviness of alcohol? You create alcohol-free varieties of drinks. 

Earlier this year, Heineken launched its alcohol-free beer. The reasoning behind the launch was simple; the brand wanted to disrupt the category and give people more opportunities to enjoy a brew. Heineken 0.0 is an alcohol-free malt beverage that uses natural flavors. Imagine the taste of Heineken without the calories and the hangover. But does the 0.0 match up to the original in flavor? 

I spoke with Ashleigh Phelps, Heineken 0.0 Brand Manager, at Heineken USA, and she told me that “Heineken 0.0 has the same characteristic fruity notes as Heineken, but with a soft malty body. In Heineken 0.0, we use the same quality ingredients in regular Heineken complemented with a natural flavoring. Quite simply, Heineken 0.0 is for beer lovers, by beer lovers.”

From my own experience with the drink, I would agree, it tastes very similar to the original brew. A while back, I had the pleasure of checking out the U.S. Open with Heineken, and as I arrived at the big game, I entered the suite, and I was offered every variety of Heineken possible. The suite looks like a beer-lovers dream. The first brew that I tasted was their Heineken 0.0, despite it not having any booze in it, it tasted just like their beer.  If I were given the 0.0 during a blind tasting, I would have had no clue it was alcohol-free.  It’s literally that similar in flavor.

I know some of you are reading this are wondering what kind of person drinks an alcohol-free beer? Ironically, my mom is allergic to alcohol, so I didn’t really grow up around it, but once I told her about Heineken 0.0, she said that she couldn’t wait to pick some up to try. However, if you or someone you know has concerns about drinking 0% booze, please contact your physician. 

Even if you’re super into wellness, everyone knows there’s nothing like cracking open a cold one after a long day. Did I mention that the brew only has 69 calories because it does;  How awesome is that? 

On a final note, Phelps also said that “We believe any product carrying our name should reward the drinker and help them enjoy the moment.”

So why not give Heineken 0.0 a taste?

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