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Will McGregor – Mayweather be boxing or MMA – UFC match, rules?

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The latest “fight of the century” is on as Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr will fight in a boxing ring on Aug. 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The match is scheduled for 12 rounds and the two fighters will fight at the 154-pound weight class.

The fight will adhere to boxing rules, not MMA – UFC rules, which obviously favors Mayweather. McGregor will not be allowed to kick, elbow or use takedown moves on Mayweather in the fight.

“That will not happen,” UFC President Dana White said Wednesday. “That is absolutely in the contract No. 1 … And No. 2 this is a boxing match under the Nevada State Athletic Commission under the rules of boxing. When you talk about a guy of Floyd Mayweather’s level and value in the sport and things like that … the lawsuit, if that ever happened, Conor likes money. Conor would depart with a whole lot of money if that ever happened. That will not happen.”

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McGregor’s training focus has been on boxing ever since the rumors of a potential Mayweather fight began. The reigning UFC Lightweight Champion is 12 years younger than Mayweather and Mayweather has not fought in nearly two years.