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Will there be a ‘Maleficent 3?’ Here’s what Elle Fanning and its director told us


So if you haven’t seen the fantasy sequel yet then please don’t read ahead. Instead, go and see Angelina Jolie put in another mesmeric turn as Maleficent, before returning to see whether or not a follow-up is planned.

Come the end of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” Angelina Jolie’s dark fae has helped to topple Michelle Pfeiffer’s evil Queen Ingrith, leaving Elle Fanning’s Princess Aurora to marry her true love Prince Philip, played by Harris Dickinson, with the pair declaring that they’re going to bring the magical kingdom together in harmony.

While this conclusion ties the story up nicely, the fact that “Maleficent” grossed over $758.5 million upon its release in 2014 – and that Disney has found such success with adaptations of their animated classics – means the studio has almost certainly discussed potential further installments.

But does this mean that there will actually be a “Maleficent 3?”

It turns out that Fanning and Jolie have already actually discussed what might unfold in a possible third film. This is something that they dreamed about during breaks in filming on “Mistress of Evil,” with Fanning recently telling Metro, “Angelina and I have come up with an entire third film. It is not necessarily Disney approved. It was like, ‘Right, Aurora is going to go and be with the dark fae. She’s got [Prince Philip] on the side.’”

Of course, audiences actually have to go and see “Mistress of Evil” for another follow-up to be greenlit. Even if it does thrive at the box office, Fanning doesn’t expect “Maleficent 3” to be made until “5 years from now,” which would be fitting as there are five years between “Maleficent” and “Mistress of Evil.”

“We’d have to wait for the story to come,” she adds.

If “Maleficent 3” is put in development then “Mistress of Evil” director Joachim Ronning would certainly be interested, as he responded to my question about the potential follow-up with, “I love this universe. I love these kind of movies. So we’ll just have to wait and see. It all depends on how this goes.”

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