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Will there be a ‘Paddington 3’? Here’s what Ben Whishaw told us

Ben Whishaw and Paddington

Paddington 2 has achieved something that most sequels often fall short of.

It has both matched its beloved predecessor and expanded its world in a unique but just as compelling fashion.

The success of “Paddington 2,” which has already grossed $133.9 million across the world before hitting US cinemas, has led many to predict that a third film will follow. But Ben Whishaw, who voices Paddington in the franchise, has suggested that another sequel might not actually happen.

In fact, when Whishaw spoke to writer and director Paul King, who performed these duties on both “Paddington” films, just before Christmas he told the actor that he is “kind of done with it for a while. Maybe even done with it forever.” A sentiment that Whishaw currently agrees with.

“I can’t imagine doing it without Paul. I think two is plenty. I don’t see where you’d go with it from here. If someone had an incredible idea then maybe. But everyone is exhausted at the moment.”

At this point I asked Whishaw whether the return of Paul King was integral to his decision. 

“I just can’t imagine doing it without Paul. He has been so integral to me. I think it’s to do with his spirit. It could so easily, if it were a few fractions here or there, be less successful. It would be hard to find a replacement.”

But Whishaw wasn’t completely against the idea of returning for “Paddington 3,” as he left the window open with, “But we’ll see. Who knows who knows.”

If “Paddington 2” can match the $268 million haul of its predecessor then there’s every chance that those overseeing the franchise will throw plenty of money at both Whishaw and King in an attempt to get them back for a third film.

Which means that you now have yet another reason to go and see “Paddington 2” when it is released on January 12. 

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