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Will there be a sequel to ‘The Nun’? Here’s what director Corin Hardy told us

Taissa Farmiga in The Nun
[Image: Warner Bros]

Corin Hardy has revealed that conversations over a sequel to The Nun have already begun, admitting that they actually started throughout filming.

“We have definitely had conversations throughout. When you are excited you are discussing stories, and even before we shot and during it I had some cool ideas for some scenes and stories that could carry it on,” Hardy admitted over the phone to me.

“Obviously, with these movies, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t keep on making more movies for the universe and tie back into real-life happenings with the Warrens.”

“‘The Nun’ is set in 1952, so there are 20 years between that and ‘The Conjuring,’ so there’s a lot that could happen.”

Without going into detail, the conclusion of “The Nun” connects directly to the very opening of “The Conjuring,” and during our conversation Hardy admitted that the plan was always to tie the franchise together. Something that is likely to continue with its eventual follow-ups.

“There was always that connection planned. If you’re eagle-eyed when you’re watching it. Or eagle-eared even. You can start to figure something out very early on in the movie.”

“There’s a trail of breadcrumbs throughout the movie. There are a number of tie-ins, some are subtle, some are Easter eggy, some are visual and part of the narrative.”

“It is part of this framework of this series of movies, making them jigsaw together. Which I really liked the idea of. It was an interesting way to connect them all up.”

The success of “The Nun,” which is set to record the highest opening weekend haul of the series yet, means that there will be plenty more movies for it to connect to, starting with “Annabelle 3” on July 3, 2019, and then “The Conjuring 3” at some point, too.

Which tantalisingly might revolve around werewolves, according to Vera Farmiga. 

For the time being, though, make sure to check out “The Nun,” which is now in cinemas.

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