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Will there be a Super Troopers 3? Here’s what the cast has to say

Will there be a Super Troopers 3
Expect fans to clamor for a Super Troopers 3 following the release of the upcoming sequel. Photo by Jon Pack / Twentieth Century Fox

It took the Broken Lizard crew almost 17 years to bring Super Troopers 2 to theaters, but will fans have to wait that long to see a Super Troopers 3?

Ahead of the sequel’s debut on April 20, Metro caught up with the cast during a recent trip to Boston. The hilarious stars behind the mustachioed, Vermont state troopers spilled the beans on if they’re interested in turning the series into a trilogy.

While any plans for a Super Troopers 3 depend on how the upcoming sequel performs at the box office, the cast is definitely down to return for a third ride as their iconic characters.

“Nothing would make us happier,” Paul Soter tells Metro. “Spending that many years writing the second one, there was a lot of stuff that didn’t make it in. We’re basically halfway to having a script for a third one.”

Will there be a Super Troopers 3?

Super Troopers 3

“I feel like if Jay [Chandrasekhar] says it enough, it’s going to happen,” adds Erik Stolhanske.

As for what a possible third film would look like, Chandrasekhar hints that he’d like to set it in the winter to change up the feel of the comedy. The actor and director jokes that he’d title the movie Super Troopers 3: Winter Soldier.

“I want icicles on my mustache,” says Chandrasekhar, who’d also like to include a snow mobile chase scene.

The rest of the cast isn’t so sure about setting the possible film in the winter, as even the mild chill on the set of Super Troopers 2 seemed a bit much for Chandrasekhar and company.

“It’s funny because Jay wants to shoot in the winter to change up the look of the movie,” Steve Lemme says. “I just want to keep reminding him that on days when it was like 50 degrees out, everyone was bitching.”

“We were shooting this scene on horseback and our noses were running that day, it was a little cold out there,” he adds. “[Jay] was having trouble with some of the French and he was complaining that his face wouldn’t move because it was too cold.”

Chandrasekhar has a solution for working in the cold, though.

“I’ve got three words for you: Battery-operated socks.” he says. “I’ve had battery-operated socks. They work.”

Super Troopers 2 hits theaters on April 20.

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