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Would you wear a dress while working out?

Workout dress

Working out isn’t about what you wear — it’s about what you do and how you feel doing it. Being comfortable, though, is also important. Some people enjoy the breathability of loosely fit t-shirts. Others like the support of spandex in lieu of mesh shorts, but would you try a workout dress?

You can find a variety of workout dresses online: Nike, Kohl’s and even Amazon. Some do too much to be fashion-forward — you can’t actually exercise in them and find yourself confused about which strap goes where. Some don’t do enough and end up never seeing the light of day.

Yesterday, Outdoor Voices launched a workout dress that hits all the points: it’s comfortable, cute and will keep you covered. That is, there’s a built-in silk bodysuit so you won’t have to worry about feeling exposed.


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Introducing, the workout dress

The Outdoor Voices workout dress, $98, has an A-line shape. The sweat-proof fabric is made from 73 percent Nylon and 27 percent Elastane. It comes in Navy, Ink Scrawl (white-speckled blue) and Dahlia (light pink), and sizes range from XS to XL. A spokesperson told Metro that we should expect five more colors to debut between June and August — and Outdoor Voices is also working on two additional dress styles coming out next month.

There’s functionality to the dress — it lets your legs breathe in the heat of summer. While also playing into athleisure culture, it doesn’t try too hard to be fashionable. 

In a 2017 Fashionista interview, Outdoor Voices founder and CEO Tyler Haney said that when she was creating the brand, she “didn’t want trendy activewear; I wanted classic silhouettes thatwere flattering on lots of body types. … The fabric needs to feel like you’re discovering something new when you touch it, like it’s very memorable and novel.”

Haney told InStyle that the dress is a “style that’s meant to be worked out in. Where we really found that it works out super well is in aerobics-based exercises, dance-oriented classes, and anything weight-driven. It’s ideal for activities where you’re upright and moving around.”

Shop for the workout dress here.

Why did the brand decide on this new gym apparel?

“Outdoor Voices represents powerful, feminine, diverse groups of women in the often male-dominated activewear space,” Haney, who launched Outdoor Voices in early 2014, told InStyle. “We’re a female-founded company with a staff that’s 82 percent female, so we wanted to create a silhouette that was equal to leggings, but represents a strong female alternative.”

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