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Wu-Tang Clan possibly linked to two homicides: FBI court files

The FBI investigated the Wu-Tang Clan’s involvement in the murders of two Staten Island drug dealers in 1999, recently released court documents have shown.

FBI files suggest that two Wu-Tang founding members, RZA (Robert Fitzgerald Diggs) and Raekwon (Corey Woods), may have been involved in the murder of Jerome Estrella, a drug dealer who went by the street name “Boo Boo,” but they were never charged, the Daily Mail has reported.

The files claim they ordered 17-year-old Estrella’s death after he robbed their relatives, the article stated, adding that the information has been released as part of the federal trial of brothers Harvey and Anthony Christian, whose lawyer Michael Gold contended that Estrella was killed “at the instruction of members of the Wu-Tang Clan,” the Staten Island Advancestated in a related article.

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The Christian brothers’ lawyers have asked for more information concerning the murder of Estrella, the Daily Mail stated, as the newly released files indicate that Estrella had robbed RZA’s brother and that the rapper subsequently put out a hit on the drug dealer, based on allegations from police informant Brian Humphreys.

“A couple of weeks before the Boo Boo shooting, ‘Uncles’ [informant Paul Ford] told Humphreys about a Blood named ‘Boo Boo’ who … had robbed RZA’s little brother and had also gotten into something with the Christian brothers,” an excerpt from the file said, according to The Staten Island Advance. “Uncles [said] that they would likely come after him for that. Humphreys believes Uncles was referring to members of Wu-Tang.”

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In a separate file, Raekwon is mentioned in relation to the death of another drug dealer known as “Shank Shank,” who allegedly had a $30,000 contract put on his life by RZA, the Daily Mail stated, in connection with the robbery of Raekwon’s cousin.

“Ford stated that he had previously heard that Shank Shank was killed. … Ford believes that [redacted] collected money from RZA for executing the hit,” the file stated, according to the Daily Mail.

Prosecutors have maintained that the Christian brothers ordered both murders and said the files do not change the guilt of the brothers, the Daily Mail reported.

Wu-Tang Clan representatives did not return a request for comment on Tuesday, the Advance stated.