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Wyatt Cenac, former ‘Daily Show’ member, scores show, ‘The Group’

Wyatt Cenac
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On the list of highly talented former “Daily Show” correspondents, Wyatt Cenac has long been one of the best, and one of the most articulate.

Since his departure in 2012, Cenac has largely been seen amidst the comedy scene, including the special “Brooklyn,” which aired on Netflix (and was even released on vinyl). But now he’ll follow in the footsteps of most “TDS” alumni. According toDeadline, he’ll be headling “The Group,” which is not, alas, a new version of Mary McCarthy’s classic novel about a group of female friends in the days before the sexual revolution (sorry for this diversion), but rather a show about alien abductions.

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Wetalked to himearlier this year about Brooklyn, the likely reasons for Obama’s slow public acceptance of marriage equality and how many minority late night hosts just don’t get audience support. He also, of course, recently revealed a story about seeing Jon Stewart’s hostile side when he politely confronted him over his dodgy Herman Cain impersonation.

“The Group,” which will air on TBS, will be the latest from Greg Daniels, he of “The Office” (U.S.), “King of the Hill” and “Parks and Recreation.” Cenac will play Wyatt Jones, a reporter investigating the incidents who just also happens to share a totally very common first name with the performer. As of now he will be joined by Alice Wetterlund, of “Silicon Valley,” and “The Office”’s Oscar Nunez.

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