Your munchies prayers have been answered: Lyft and Taco Bell pair up

Taco pit stops are going to be a thing soon, god bless America. Credit: Getty Images

Get your taco on, America! Taco Bell just made it easier to chow down on delicious tacos when the craving strikes.

Taco Bell is partnering with the ride sharing app Lyft to launch a new feature called Taco Mode for when those late-night munchies hit. Activating the feature when you’re ordering a ride between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. will swing you through a Taco Bell for a special meal before continuing on home.

Those cravings won’t get satisfied anytime soon though. The service isn’t rolling out nationwide until 2018, but a trial run of Taco Mode is underway in Orange County, California.

Right now, there’s only one Taco Bell responsible for satisfying all Lyft riders’ cravings in the area, so hopefully when the service expands you can be whisked to the nearest Taco Bell to your route. Riders pay for the meal within the Lyft app through an in-car iPad system, and there’s a free Doritos Locos taco in it for you, technology pioneers.

Interesting choice of location since California already has all the best tacos, but whatever it takes to make taco pit stops happen.

Like any ride with Lyft, the cost will be determined by the rider’s pickup and drop-off locations.

“We realized that for every person who has asked their Lyft driver to make a pit stop at Taco Bell — and we’ve seen many — there are likely those who weren’t sure if this was possible,” Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer of Taco Bell, said in a press release. “With the advent of this fantastic partnership with Lyft, we will erase any lingering uncertainty and celebrate the ability to ‘ride-thru’ in Taco Mode.”

The partnership comes after Taco Bell’s national study that came to the very “no, duh” conclusion that millennials use ride-sharing apps most when they go out at night.

No corresponding study was cited on whether that coincides with the time of day millennials tend to get Taco Bell cravings, probably because there’s no such thing as a bad time for a Chalupa.

Speaking of fast food on the go, UberEATS recently partnered with McDonald’s to deliver Big Macs right into your hand. Lyft and Taco Bell’s partnership, meanwhile, opens a new frontier in food convenience.

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