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Beyonce's hottest magazine covers of all time

Click through to see Beyonce's hottest magazine covers, including her latest Vogue cover.
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    Beyonce covers V magazine in 2003.|Provided

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    In 2004 Beyonce had no shortage of magazine covers, but this FT one is one of the hot|Provided

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    This 2004 Rolling Stone cover is almost too hot to handle.|Provided

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    Beyonce looking flawless on the cover of Cosmopolitan in 2006.|Provided

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    Beyonce's 2009 Ebony cover is curly hair goals.|Provided

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    High fashion goes pop on the cover of W magazine in 2011.|Provided

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    Queen B looks like royalty on her Vogue 2013 cover.|Provided

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    Queen Bey for the win.|Provided

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    Because one hot GQ cover just isn't enough.|Provided

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    She may have put everyone in a daze, but no one was confused about B looking hot on t|Provided

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    Beyonce topped Time's Most Influencial People list in 2014.|Provided

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    Beyonce's latest cover: Vogue's September 2015 issue.|Provided

Beyonce looks stunning on Vogue's September 2015 cover, but it certainly isn't her only sexy cover shoot. From giving some bootylicious attitude back in 2001 with her fellow Destiny's Child ladies to being possibly the hottest GQ covergirl of all time, these sexy shoots prove why she's the queen of everything.

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