Chris Brown really needs to work on his people skills. In the latest round of faux pas by the embattled singer, Brown reportedly made life hell for the crew of a private jet, "smoking a ton of pot" despite FAA regulations and requests he stop, according to Us Weekly. "He blew smoke at a flight attendant and said, 'I paid $60,000 for this jet, so I own it and everyone inside," a source says.

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He also took aim at another flight attendant: "He told her, 'What is your old ass doing here anyway? I like to have the help be people I'd actually like to f—," the source adds. Charming, that one. Also, Chris? Hot-boxing a jet and being a jerk to the crew is basically where Justin Bieber was behavior-wise more than a year ago, so step up your game. Also, someone needs to tell him that a private jet — not to mention the people inside — costs much more than 60 grand, so really he was more renting everyone inside of it. 

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