Champion bodybuilder Janae Marie Kroc (formerly Matt 'Kroc' Kroczaleski) came out as transgender on Monday. 
“Being a total alpha male and transgender definitely makes me unique even in the transgender community,” Kroc wrote in a statement. “And of course also makes me incredibly complex as a person. I often feel like two completely different people trying to share one body with both fighting over who gets to be in control.”
Kroc has made a name for herself in the bodybuilding and weightlifting community. According to her website she is “the 2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic WPO Powerlifting Middle Weight Champion” and in 2009 became the “all-time world record holder in the 220lb class posting a 2551lb total via 1003lb squat, 738lb bench press and an 810lb deadlift.”
In addition to her success in the gym, Kroc is a former marine serving in various roles between 1991 and 1995 including presidential security under former President Clinton. She is also a parent of three sons. 
“Transitioning is a very difficult process and even tougher at an older age,” the 42-year-old bodybuilder wrote in a statement. “Living as a transgender woman that is honest about her situation is very difficult and can be very dangerous. I am a very realistic person and I don’t think that transitioning will magically solve all of my issues without creating new challenges.”
We wish you all the best, Janae!