There's a new chick on the block looking to win hearts. 

The Bronx Zoo announced Friday the hatching of a white-napped crane chick this spring on the Northern Ponds adjacent to the zoo's Himalayan Highlands exhibit. 

The chick can be seen with its parents in the exhibit.

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White-napped cranes are a migratory species which is native to China, Russia, Japan, North and South Korea, and Mongolia. The International Union for Conservation of Nature classified the species as "vulnerable" — because of loss of wetland habitats to agriculture — with there being an estimated wild population between 5,500 and 6,500. 

The cranes are bred by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) through its Species Survival Plan, a cooperative breeding created to enhance genetic sustainability in zoos and aquariums. 

WCS’s Mongolia Program has identified the cranes as a "conservation priority," and has conducted censuses in high elevation wetlands of Mongolia and nearby countries.  WCS has worked with conservation partners and governments to help conserve this species.