"Hamilton" is nothing short of a cultural epidemic, having infected basically every corner of pop culture, from Amy Schumer skits to Emma Watson's playlist

But if your obsession is negatively affecting your life, there's help.

"Hamilaria" is defined as "the uncontrollable urge to sing lyrics from the hit musical 'Hamilton' when prompted by cue lines from everyday conversation." In a hilarious new infomercial, a behavioral "clinic" claims to have developed a way to moderate this response — and maybe get you accepted back into your social circle. 

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The inspiration for the project came from writer/director Rob McCollum's daughters becoming "obsessed" with the musical after seeing it in February, he tells GuideLive. The video was created by a Dallas-based group made up largely of volunteers. 

Of course, the first step to recovery is acknowledging you have a problem. Which will only get more difficult after this weekend's Tony Awards.