A video clip of a man dressed in an Aladdin costume while riding a hoverboard has officially gone viral. 

Mo Khan, 21, from Chicago has become an Internet sensation after uploading his Vine video montage to Twitter, showing him cruising around Glendale Heights — a suburb just outside of Chicago. The video was posted on Monday and has been viewed millions of times. 

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The first scene appears to be shot along the side of a busy road, the second scene was at a Wal-Mart, and the third part of the clip shows him gliding his way through a McDonald's drive-through. 

He also posted the video to Instagram. In the caption he writes, "Woke up and decided to go out with my Aladdin outfit for a day with my dope magic hover carpet board, took the main roads to get to Walmart then I got hungry then I took a young trip to get some McDonalds."

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If you're thinking of being Aladdin for Halloween, you won't be doing it any justice unless you have a hoverboard outfitted with a magic carpet. 

Well played, Mr. Khan.