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10 Thanksgiving hostess gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself

We’ll let you get away with not writing thank you cards anymore and calling or texting after 8 p.m., but there’s no way we’re going to let you get away with skipping out on bringing Thanksgiving hostess gifts to your upcoming holiday dinners.

Someone slaved away over the stove — and the oven and the mixer — to put a gorgeous meal in front of you, so you’re bringing them something to say “thank you for all your hard work,” gosh darnit. The holiday is, after all, about being thankful.

But where do you start if you’re not sure what makes Thanksgiving hostess gifts suitable for the occasion or, even more puzzling, you don’t know the tastes of your hosts all that well. That’s where we come in. We rounded up some all-around pleasers that are sure-fire hits. We also threw in plenty of pointed gift ideas if you happen to know the habits and interests of your hostess and feel confident buying a more personal present.

We have the coffee-lover covered as well as the blissed-out tea fanatic. We have something for the stressed hostess who needs to unwind as well as the one who likes expressing their love through food. We have a gift set that will help them put those Thanksgiving leftovers to delicious use like never before, and of course, we have some chocolate and wine because who turns that down? In fact, the edible gifts are so irresistible that you might want to place a double order…so you can keep one of each for yourself and use the others as Thanksgiving hostess gifts.

Click through the gallery above to see all our ideas for Thanksgiving hostess gifts.

Don’t worry, we included links to sites where you can buy them to take that work out of the process for you. We also selected surprises that have a range of prices so you can find something special that also suits your budget.


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