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3 books that won’t make you hate Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, chances are you don’t have plans Valentine’s Day weekend (sorry). While hitting the bars to meet some other unattached peeps is always an option, sometimes you just need to spend a night at home solo. Here, we roundup three new releases to keep you company this Feb. 14:

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If you’re into someone who keeps letting you down:

“Tender” by Belinda McKean

Get your mind off the loser who keeps disappointing you and dive into Belinda McKean’s buzzy new novel, “Tender” — everyone is talking about it. Set in Dublin in the late ‘90s, it’s about a timid college student named Catherine who meets an outgoing artist named James. James introduces Catherine to a lot of wild, new experiences. He’s exciting, but not exactly a great boyfriend. Can you relate? See how this romance plays out. No spoilers here!

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If you’ve gone on a million online dates but nothing has worked out:

“121 First Dates” by Wendy Newman

While there are plenty of online dating tips in this new release, what makes it especially fun to read are the crazy-but-true dating tales that sex and relationship expertWendy Newmandivulges along the way. You’ll feel others’ pain while improving your own dating life.

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If you’ve ever thought about sending your crush a letter (YA pick):

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Haan

It’s one thing to stalk someone you like on Facebook and Instragram. It’s quite another to send him or her a letter. In “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” (now out in paperback), 16-year-old Lara writes a letter to the five boys she’s loved, telling them all the things she’s too afraid to tell them in person. They weren’t actually meant to be sent out — it was just a form of therapy she was doing to get over them for good. But of course, they do get mailed off, and what happens next makes for a juicy read.

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