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30 cafes offering $1 iced coffee all week when you order through this app

1 dollar coffee ritual
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You pay enough on rent each month, New Yorkers, that you deserve to save some dough on coffee. After all, it’s what keeps most of us running through the subway delays, long commutes and nights out — because you need to actually take advantage of living here, right? Good news, java guzzlers, because you can treat yourself to 1 dollar coffee all week.

Yes, we said it: all week. Unlike those other promotions that offer you a one-time discount on a caffeinated cup, this 1 dollar coffee deal lasts all week long, and you can cash in way more than once. This week, Iced Coffee Week, you can enjoy 1 dollar iced coffee from 30 different cafe across New York City as long as you order through the Ritual app.

How do I get 1 dollar coffee this week?

If you don’t already have the Ritual app, head over to download it from the iTunes Store or Google Play. It not only lets you order your food ahead and skip the long lunch line but you’ll also earn points on every purchase that you can use for future discounts on your meals or drinks. (And they also run regular cash-saving deals like half-price lunches for two weeks.) Ka-ching. If your friends don’t have it, even better, because you’ll both get money if they download the app through a link you send them.

But about that 1 dollar coffee. When you open the Ritual app, you just have to search for the phrase “Iced Coffee Week,” like below, and a list of participating cafes will pull up. You can also see all the available locations on a map. Both options are pictured below:

1 dollar coffee ritual app

Once you click into the cafe you want, you’ll see the offer under “Exclusive Perks” at the top of the menu. Add the iced coffee to your cart, checkout and then just head over to pick up your discounted drink. There are various rules at each location, so make sure you check the page of the cafe before you order. Some places are only offering 1 dollar coffee if you’re a first time customer, but it’s all the more incentive to try out new coffee shops in your area. Plus, with 30 participating places, you can easily get a 1 dollar coffee every morning — and afternoon for the 3pm slump — without running into issues.

Now that you’ve download the Ritual app, there’s only one thing left to do: figuring out which of those 30 cafes you’ll be heading to first.


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