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5 grooming gadgets for him and her

Everyone wants to look their best for the day – and technology is giving us a boost in the grooming department.Metro takes a look at the latest hi-tech gadgetry that’ll leave you perfectly coiffed, pruned and pristine as part of your daily routine.

Don’t miss any detail of your face

Ordinary mirrors do not always help to see every detail of our faces; however, a smart mirror already exists on the market that allows users get up close and personal with every detail of their visage. Designed with an LED light ring that mimics natural sunlight, the simple human sensor mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches, during use, it becomes more sensitive so it won’t turn off unexpectedly. When you’re finished, it shuts off automatically. Available at simplehuman. com, $130.00

Take out the acne with this mask

Although this device looks more like a Halloween costume mask, the truth is that it is an effective and novel treatment for acne. This gadget called illuMask uses a combination of red and blue lights to zap acne and various skin problems. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, even before breakouts can appear. Red light reduces inflam- mation, heals breakouts, and evens skin tone.

The ‘coolest’ way to shave

Irritation has always accompanied men when they shave and the heat generated by razor contact
is one of the main causes. To avoid this problem, the Braun’s °CoolTec has the ‘active cooling technology’ with an innovative aluminium cooling bar integrated into its head that actively cools down the skin during shaving, minimizing redness, burning and itching sensations. Available at Amazon, $80.

Laser to treat baldness

This anti-baldness hi-tech gadget is aimed to give you a hair-raising experience, literally. This is no ordinary comb: the HairMax LaserComb utilizes laser phototherapy to gently stimulate hair follicles and promote new growth, as you comb the device through your mane. The gadget’s creators claim that if used regularly – three times or more a week, 10 to 15 minutes each time – you will be able to see improvements, including thicker and more manageable hair. Available at hairmax.com, $545.

Stay away, plastic surgeon

If you think going under the knife is your only option to look young and attractive, maybe you should try before the NuFace. This dainty device is a legitimate alternative to getting the ol’ nip and tuck. It uses microcurrent technology to strengthen facial muscles to lift and tighten aging and sagging skin. Microcurrent tech is often described as a workout for your face by delivering tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bio electrical field. Available at mynuface.com, $325

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