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A definitive ranking of Zac Efron’s best shirtless scenes

Zac Efron is more than just a pretty face. His body is desktop-background worthy, too. After studying Efron’s, er, body of work, it’s clear that he’s at his best when playing up his comedy skills and poking fun at himself. (Even Efron knows he’s good-looking.)

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When he tries to get too serious in a role, he comes up short. And be honest: You’d be disappointed if you went to an Efron movie and he didn’t flaunt his abs. Luckily, he knows it’s part of his civic duty to strip down in virtually every movie he’s ever in, ever. Here, we roundup his ab-solute best shirtless scenes.

1. ‘Neighbors’

Efron is at his shirtless peak as the frat bro in “Neighbors” — and the “Neighbors 2” trailer teases at more half-naked goodness in the next movie. It’s no wonder at the end of the movie, his character finds his true calling: as an Abercrombie & Fitch greeter.

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2. ‘The Lucky One’

This Nicholas Sparks adaptation is almost too cheesy to watch. Efron plays a Marine who almost died in combat. He credits his survival to a photo of a pretty girl, deeming it his good luck charm. After he comes back from deployment, he decided to hunt her down. The movie has few redeeming qualities, but it does gift the world with Efron’s hottest sex scene yet.

3. ‘Dirty Grandpa’

Whoever came up with the idea to make Efron do the macarena half-naked deserves a sincere slow clap. Really, what would “Dirty Grandpa” be without that moment? But putting him next to a shirtless Robert de Niro? Well, we could have lived without that.

4. ‘That Awkward Moment’

Efron’s shirtless scene in this movie was so good that he won an MTV Movie Award for it. He even still looks sexy while planking a toilet. How many people can pull that off? Overall, this bro-mantic comedy is forgettable, but those shirtless scenes are not.

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5. ‘The Paperboy’

This time, Efron is naked and wet — thanks, Hollywood! Normally tighty-whiteys on a grown man are unappealing, but Nicole Kidman doesn’t mind and neither do we. Sidenote: how is his body always perfectly tan?

6. ‘Charlie St. Cloud’

Another Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Sigh. Efron plays a young sailor unable to move past the death of his younger brother. At this point in his career, Efron still isn’t fully comfortable with playing a serious side. One thing he is comfortable with: stripping down. The scene of a post-coital Efron sleeping is really one of the few good things about this movie.

7. ‘High School Musical’; ‘High School Musical 2’; ‘High School Musical 3’

It’s a little pervish to put Efron’s early shirtless days any higher on the list. Still, his shirtlessHSMmoments was appreciated by many tweens across the country. His part as popular basketball player Troy included showering in the locker room, casually shooting hoops outside half-dressed, nighttime-swimming escapades and plenty of other opportunities for Efron to get used to the idea that going sans shirt was going to be his calling card.

8. ’17 Again’

Efron once again is cast as a basketball player (he plays the reincarnate of a 37-year-old who got his wish for being a teen again), and once again the script falls for him casually shooting hoops shirtless. What’s a guy to do, right?

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