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Allison Janney on ‘reprehensible’ ‘American Beauty’ co-star Kevin Spacey and his legacy

Allison Janney in American Beauty
[Image: DreamWorks Pictures]

Kevin Spacey’s American Beauty co-star Allison Janney has called the the actor’s actions “reprehensible” following the allegations made against him. 

Over the last few weeks the two time Academy Award winner has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of individuals, and Janney admitted to me that she has been left “devastated” by the news.

“I feel just devastated that this is Kevin’s story now. That this is what he was apart of. And that he abused his position as an actor. A lot of young kids would look up to him thinking he could do something for them. It’s a really sad, and really terrible thing to abuse your power like that. It’s incredibly disappointing.”

“I loved working with him, I loved doing that movie,” Janney continued. “I think he is an incredible actor.”

I then asked Janney whether the recent revelations regarding Spacey meant that she would now look differently at “American Beauty,” which won five Oscars at the 72nd Academy Awards. But Janney insisted the film will still stand the test of time.

“That movie will always be a classic movie that I will always be proud of. Kevin’s work is amazing in that. I think his behavior outside of work is reprehensible, but his work as an actor doesn’t take away that. I think that will be an individual decision if anyone decides to watch his movies again.”

I sat down with Janney to talk about her performance in “I, Tonya,” which is so scintillating that she is already one of the frontrunners in the Best Supporting Actress Oscar category.

Keep posted to Metro US for further revelations from my interview with the actress, while you can check out the trailer for the Tonya Harding biopic below. 

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