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Amazon reviewers comment on white and gold, black and blue dress


It’s the dress that broke the Internet – a feat even Kim Kardashian’s derriere couldn’t accomplish. Whether you’re checking Facebook or Twitter, your feed should be filled with friends arguing about if “that dress” is black and blue or white and gold.

Indeed,we can confirm that the dress is black and blue. A woman named Celica Bleasdale wore the magical, ruckus-causing dress to her daughter’s wedding, and wedding partiers confirm the dress is most definitely black and blue.

But were you more than confused about the dress? Were you enchanted? Did you perhaps want this dress so you can confound and befuddle your friends? If so, you are in luck: Retail giant Amazon carries the mystical dress. It’s called the “RomanWomen’s Lace Detail Bodycon Dress Royal Blue,” and commenters have a lot to say about this divisive frock.

“Robbed a bank in this dress. Nobody could agree on a proper description of me. Sketch artist’s head exploded. Got away. Fantastic,” wrote Angela.

“I was going to a fancy white and gold party. (It’s a thing) so I bought this dress because clearly, despite the item description, it was the perfect color combination of white and gold. How disappointed I was when half the people attending told me I looked crazy in what they said was a ‘black and blue’ dress. To make a long story short, I am now scared, depressed, friendless, back on my psych meds, questioning my entire existence and filing for divorce tomorrow. I gave it 3 stars Bc the fit is fantastic!” said user joli fine.

User “Amazon Customer” wrote, “As an eye doctor, I placed this dress on display outside my office, and business went through the roof!”

Long story short: Buy this dress if you want to blow people’s minds.

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