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Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck really back together?

It is very possible that Bennifer is gearing up for round two. That’s right: according to Radar Online, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are giving their ill-fated, 2004 era romance another go. Oh, man.

When they were together, the couple elicited a reaction that was kind of like, “Those two are together? I don’t really get it. They’re both good looking, I guess. But why? This seems weird. But I’m weirdly into it? I don’t know!” And now, they’re hoping to recreate those lukewarm, fuzzy feelings.

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Mystery insiders told Radar that during a recent script meeting, Affleck, 44, and Lopez, 47, had the most insane, distracting chemistry. Can you believe it?! “She was actually blushing when he kissed her in greeting. There’s so much chemistry between them, all the other folks could have been invisible!”

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Affleck most recently had a very public affair with his kids’ nanny, Christine Ouzounian, which is just a cool unimaginative thing celebrity dads like to do. He is still technically married to Jennifer Garner. Lopez split from Casper Smart — who can only really be described as her “young boy toy” —in 2016. She also fake dated Drake for a hot minute.

Good luck ya crazy kids! I’m rooting for you, maybe.