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Are liquor stores open on Labor Day?

are liquor stores open on labor day

In case you haven’t noticed and haven’t been counting down the days, this coming weekend is a holiday weekend. (Please also tell us the secret to your stress levels if you’re not anxiously waiting for a long weekend.) As you look ahead to your weekend full of parties and barbecues, there’s probably one question nagging you whether you’re a host or attendee: are liquor stores open on Labor Day? Here’s what you need to know about stocking up for your backyard bash or bringing a bottle as a hostess gift.

If you ask us, there are three Bs that are essential to backyard barbecues (and, no, they’re not “backyard” and “barbecue”): burgers, brats and beer. But if you’re going to keep your guests happy with plenty of food and drinks, you have to know when are where to stock up. Do you have to stockpile beer ahead of time, or can you run out last-minute if your guest list expands or people are thirstier than you expected? We did the digging for you so that no sip shortage will sneak up on you mid-party.

Are liquor stores open on Labor Day?

So, are liquor stores open on Labor Day? Unfortunately the answer is, that depends on where you live and who owns the liquor store. Rules about alcohol get complicated, mostly because they differ state to state. Another problem with asking about liquor stores instead of chain stores is that most are privately run, which means the owners can decide to close for the holiday even if the sale of alcohol is allowed.

are liquor stores open on labor day bottles

Of the states that have Blue Laws, designed to enforce religious standards that often include regulation of alcohol sales, it looks like only Oklahoma expressly forbids sales on Labor Day. If you live in The Sooner State, you better stock up over the weekend if you’re hosting a party on the holiday. Maybe buy a little extra, you know, just in case.


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