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Is Costco open on Labor Day?

is costco open on labor day

Whether you’re stocking up on your weekly groceries or party supplies, Costco is a shopper’s wonderland. We’ve talked a lot about all the food deals going on this summer, from Starbucks Happy Hour half-off drinks to $1 for a dozen donuts to celebrate the Krispy Kreme 81st anniversary, but Costco lives delicious discounts every damn day. With yet another summer party just around the corner, you better make sure you’re prepared — and whether this big box retailer is there to help you out. So, is Costco open on Labor Day?

Whether they’re open or closed on the holiday that bids farewell to the summer really only changes one thing: whether you can use the store for last-minute runs. If you’re someone who compulsively makes lists, you probably won’t be affected by the news either way — except if you like heading over and treating yourself to one of the Costco acai bowls.

But even the best of us run out of buns or ketchup every once in a while. (After all, doesn’t it mean you threw a killer party if people devour more burgers than you thought they would?) If (cross your fingers) that happens, is Costco open on Labor Day for your last-minute entertaining needs?

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Is Costco open on Labor Day?

So, is Costco open on Labor Day? Even though we know it’s the wrong holiday, all we can say is you better make a list and check it twice before your burger bash kicks off, because you won’t be able to pick up anything last-minute from the big box retailer. That’s right, Costco is closed to observe the holiday. Luckily for you, Labor Day falls on a Monday this year, so you have all weekend to drive back and forth if you forget one or three or five things.

That policy holds for the Costco gas stations, too. And if you use Costco as your one-stop shop for all your grocery and pharmacy needs, make sure you have your medicine before Labor Day or enough to hold you through until Tuesday. While you’re there over the holiday weekend check to see if your location has 100-calorie boozy popsicles Slim Chillers, but don’t count on getting the Costco Polish Dog.