Authorities missed five warnings on Manchester suicide bomber: Report

The Manchester suicide bomber who killed 22 and injured dozens outside a concert Monday night slipped through the cracks despite being reported to authorities multiple times, the Telegraph reported.

The reports compiled by the Telegraph include:

-Five years ago, two friends of Abedi separately called a counterterrorism hotline after he reportedly said “being a suicide bomber was OK.”

-Two years ago, Abedi was banned from a Didsbury mosque after confronting an imam delivering an anti-extremist sermon. The mosque reported him to authorities.

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-Members of Abedi’s family contacted British authorities to report that he was “dangerous.”

-Authorities knew Abedi’s father (who was arrested in Tripoli while giving interviews to the media) was a member of the “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”

-Abedi was “known” to UK intelligence officials who were aware he had recently returned to the UK from Libya.

The news comes as UK officials have denounced leaks about their investigation into Abedi and stated they will cease sharing intelligence with Americans.

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The Islamic State claimed responsibility for Monday night’s suicide bombing.

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